Impact Matters

Impact Matters can produce an animated film for your organisation to suit your needs. These animated films are short and effective ways to get your message across. Whether you are wanting to produce an instructional film or a training tool for your staff. You may want to showcase a piece of work you have achieved or just tell your story. Using animated videoscribes provides a visual way that is dynamic and engages your audience.

We can support you with initial ideas on how this can support you to deliver your outcomes. We can help you plan and write your videoscribe and then produce your videoscribe that can be used in a variety of ways. It can be shown in a presentation, uploaded to your video channel, show on social media or uploaded to your website.

You can see some examples of videoscribes we have produced. If you want to discuss producing a videoscribe or the possibility of creating one for your organisation then contact us for a chat to develop your ideas.